Over 4000+ Members Served
5000 Sq. Ft, Spacious Gym Floor
Over 15yrs of Fitness Experience


Endeavour gym believes in making fitness a fun experience. The interiors and the ambience have been aesthetically designed. A prospective client has an opportunity to evaluate the club over three free turns before making a financial commitment towards a membership. The club provides its customers the very best in fitness equipment, which is user friendly.

Endeavour Fitness Club is one of the few independent gyms in warje, kothrud, karve nagar and Pune City. And because we are not part of a large corporation, you will find we offer a more personal approach to our members and guests. Our goal is provide you with a well equipped, clean, comfortable environment to achieve your fitness goals.

We are a complete training facility with a wide variety of aerobic machines, strength training equipment, large of pounds of dumbbells, and locker service. In short, everything you need for a great workout experience.

Our Process

Analyse your Goal

Work Hard on it

Improve your Performance

Achieve your Destiny

Popular Classes

Zoomba 90%
Aerobics 80%
KickBoxing 70%

Our Team

Uttara Bahirat

Uttara Bahirat

Santosh Mungase

Santosh Mungase

I just joined Endeavour Gym a few days ago…I was so nervous because I’ve never been to a gym, but everyone there made me feel so welcome. I really appreciate the customer service you provide. Thank you for helping me change my life!
Shilpa S
You truly are the Judgement Free Zone. I never hear the body builders grunting and groaning, or weights slamming around... It's also great to see people in wheel chairs or with disabilities getting in on the machines just as easily as everyone else. Everyone is equal!
  • Opening Hours
  • Monday - Saturday 06.00 - 22.00